WordPress website migration: manually, with Plugins or WP-CLI, … (Mai-Meetup)

13. May 2020

★ David Bongard, Resonanz Online-Marketing
Push the Button: Migrating WordPress Projects with WP Migrate DB

In this short talk we’re discussing how easy life can be when there is a nice big button around that eagerly solves all your problems for very little money. Well, nearly all of them; sleep and hunger are still issues developers have to face.

★ Hannes Dorn, DORN edv Dienstleistungen
WordPress migration & deployment with WP-CLI

With WP-CLI you can not only set up a WordPress project, install plugins
or themes, but also migrate WordPress websites. I will present two
simple scripts with which I can transfer my projects from the local
development environment to the server or copy them back from the server to the development environment.